Ипподром Казань
Ипподром Казань

Qualifying rounds

World Cup final will take part in a horse from 4 to 10 years, the last qualifying competition for the racetracks "Midoulands" (USA), "Egersro" (Sweden), "Milan" (Italy), "Cagnes sur Mer" (France) and "Kazan " (Russia).
For a prize fund of 300,000 euros at a distance of 2,400 meters will be competing 14 participants.

Qualifying competitions held in Italy, France and Sweden, allowing you to choose to participate in the final of 9 horses, according to the system of points, which are awarded each horse according to its finishing in one or more of these three races. Selected horse who scored the most points.

At the end of the races in the United States and Russia will be selected 5 horses, who took the first three and the first two places, respectively.

Calendar of World Cup qualifying competitions for horses trotting breeds

Country Hippodrome Competition Distance
Italy Милан Премио Унире 2100 м. 23 июля
Sweden Егерсро Гуго Абергс Мемориал 1609 м. 25 июля
Russia Международный конно-спортивный комплекс «Казань» Приз «Сорренто» 2400 м. 4 августа
United States Мидоуландс Нэт Рэй Трот 1609 м. 5 августа
France Кань сюр Мер Кубок Мира (отборочный) 2100 м. 10 августа
Russia Международный конно-спортивный комплекс «Казань» Финал Кубка Мира 2400 м. 30 августа