Ипподром Казань
Ипподром Казань

You already took riding lessons and managed to fall in love with this clever and graceful animal? You are given a great opportunity to join the ranks of horse owners! Kazan Hippodrome offers to horses. Also lots listed below, we can offer all types of horses for various purposes. You can come and choose your favorite horse. Then you can leave it in the stables of the Kazan hippodrome, where she will be provided with appropriate care and nutrition. And you'll be visiting her at a convenient time for you, and ride on his own horse. If you want to become the owner of the hippodrome fighter and watch the sporting achievements of your pet, you can opt for a decent trainer, jockey or rider working at Kazan hippodrome.

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Kazan hippodrome offers for the implementation of horses !!!

All horses are calm, vyezzhennye suitable for riding and harness use (rental, movement of goods, participation in competitions).

Prices will pleasantly surprise you.

On our site you can learn more about the riders, jockeys and trainers:

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In addition, on our site you can learn more about the services provided by veterinary clinics in Kazan hippodrome:

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For questions about mating and acquisition of horses you can contact to Production Department of Kazan hippodrome
phone: 279-29-88
phone: 279-29-77