Ипподром Казань
Ипподром Казань


September 4, at the Kazan hippodrome KNRTU - KAI organizes large-scale event to mark the closure of I All-Russian Festival of engineering and the anniversary of the German-Russian Institute of new technologies. In a Programme:

▶ Performance of top officials and VIP guests from Germany;

▶ Rewarding students Grint and participants I All-Russian Festival of engineering;

▶ Static exhibition of heavy machinery, a demonstration flight model airplanes, skydivers landing performance;

▶ Demonstration junior equestrian school, horse racing;

11.00 The culmination of the festive program will be a demonstration of the experiment legendary German physicist Otto von Guericke "Magdeburg hemispheres", which was first held in 1654. Thanks to the "Magdeburg hemispheres" proved the existence of atmospheric pressure and the vacuum has been opened. The experiment: Two copper hemispheres stacked together, the air from the space therebetween is evacuated pump. 16 horses will try to break the hemisphere, held atmospheric pressure. 12.00 - Demonstrations junior equestrian school.

Dear residents and guests of the capital! Every Friday at 15:00 Kazan hippodrome are running days.

Free admission. Welcome!

Days excursions to Kazan hippodrome!

Every Friday at 14:00 before the start of the race and the race, you can come to Kazan to visit the Hippodrome and a tour of the museum by horse breeding and equestrian sports and the race track, and after a tour at the stables. Since you can take a meal for horses allowed goodies: drying, apples, carrots, refined sugar. The cost of tickets for the tour of the museum, 150 rubles. per adult and 100 rubles. on the child. Tour of the stables 50p (Tickets can be purchased at the entrance to the museum). The museum is located in the main building covered stands, opposite the main entrance. Time of the excursions can be changed, please specify in advance.

We are waiting for everyone!

August 30, 2015 at the Kazan hippodrome celebrated City Day

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    Jubilee for the equestrian sports complex feast in honor of the city and the republic took place at the Kazan hippodrome. Racing on August 30 the new Kazan racetrack held for 10 years, since August 2005. Races were held in 2015 at the international level and broadcast via satellite on channel YAS on the Arab world. The race was attended by athletes from six countries. The initiator of the race for the Arabian breed racehorses traditionally been the United Arab Emirates. Every year, Arab sheiks sponsor four or five races on the best racetracks of the world August 30, 2015 this honor was awarded a holiday in Kazan. The program starts 11 competitions, announced to participate more than 109 horses. Four start - on the race trotter horses. All three prize went stallions owned by the equestrian club "Dynamo" Police in RT: the prize "Golden Horseshoe of Tatarstan", which finished Stirling Dynamo, for the prize of "Friendship of Peoples" won the stallion Swan, and the prize of "rigging" won Jolly Roger. The greatest attention of many viewers were riveted to the races. Total has been given seven starts for race horse breeds. At number 7 races have been announced for the prize of the Arab Sheikh HH SheikhaFatimaBintMubarakApprenticeWorldChampionship IFAHR, prize fund of 20 thousand euros. In horse racing jockeys competed 8. The first daughter came to the finish line of the Caucasus - bay mare born in 2008, the owner of the CSC "Dinamo" Police in RT, master trainer A.Lyahov. Immediately after the announcement of the winner and awarding the prize jumps Arab Emirates, started racing for the prize of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan (Group 1). The race was attended by 9 riders. Bay stallion finished in 2010 Birth Year Dream owner of Sports Club "Timerhan" The Republic of Tatarstan, the master jockey N.Kolomeytsev master coach A.Lyahov. A feature of the race August 30, 2015 was also the fact that, simultaneously with the Kazan jumps, big events on this day were held in Moscow at the Derby Cup, told reporters director of the Hippodrome S. Vasilenko. On the race and run in honor of the Republic Day was attended by the Acting President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, Head of Office of the President A.Safarov, I. Metshin mayor of Kazan, Deputy Prime Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tajikistan M. Akhmetov, heads of large enterprises of the republic. Before the start of the race, guests headed by Acting President of the Republic of Tatarstan visited the building presented in the equestrian complex exposition of enterprises, including OAO "Tatspirtprom".

August 17, 2015 at the International equestrian sport complex "Kazan" (Kazan Hippodrome) passed III Forum of Business Women of the Republic of Tatarstan. 

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The forum worked the section "Support for business initiatives of women in the social integration of Tatarstan", "Public Organizations of the Republic of Tatarstan in the implementation of socio-cultural and educational projects," "Family, society and state. The reality, problems and solutions».


  It was organized the exhibition "Modern Tatar art" Hands woman ", where he presented paintings, jewelry, hats, clothing in a traditional style, and" Women's Business, "where products and goods were business women of Tatarstan. The cultural program included a social event, which is opened by a member of the Board Majlis Tatar MPD Nafisa Akchurina on the racetrack have been racing and races with the participation of professional women riders. Within the framework of the business forum, a charity festival for children in difficult situations.