Ипподром Казань
Ипподром Казань

Infrastructure. Modern hippodrome

Test horses

Racetracks have appeared thanks to horse breeding. The man took the horse both workable and pleasing to the eye. For the quality of the future offspring of horses began to grow, and this was the beginning of breeding.

Under tribal horse breeding today understand the breeding of thoroughbred horses, the industry, which combines science, art and sports.

Selection is aimed at obtaining a beautiful, strong and docile animal to man. Here, "running the show" genetics and ethology (the science of animal behavior), aesthetic perception and feasibility of the external forms of the horse - exterior, subordination to the achievement of high sports results.

Hippodrome - ground, where the results are checked horse breeding activity, creativity breeders, trainers and athletes.

Center sights

Eternal thrust mankind to perfect, strong, noble made a spectacular racetracks centers. In attendance spectators major racecourses in Europe, USA and Australia are not inferior to the football stadium. In today's largely artificial world racecourses this oasis of nature in the metropolitan areas and large cities, with their appearance different from parks, botanical and zoological gardens. Modern racecourse allows a person to join the ancient culture of the horse business, to communicate with the horse, to see the beautiful competition.

Modern racetracks divided into cross-country competition for trotting horses and horse racing competition horse riding breeds, as well as racetracks, where they can compete and riding and trotting horses, such as the Central Moscow Hippodrome, and new Kazan racetrack. Cross country and the race track, as a rule, consist of two parallel straight lines connected to the two ends of the semicircles. The most common length of the treadmill one English mile (1609m) race around 2,000 or 2,400 m. Jumping fields and field arenas located in the center of the field hippodrome. Beyond the fields and running tracks are stables, a veterinary part of the arena and other facilities.

Sports and Entertainment

The scope of activities includes not only the racecourse horse racing and running, but the competition in Olympic equestrian sport (jumping, dressage), horseback riding lessons, horse rentals, museum exhibitions, a video library, clubs. On the racetrack can be carried out and other types of equestrian competition - the art of riding, vaulting, polo, competition troechnyh crews tachanok rides, harness racing in the Russian championships riders and jockeys, a variety of programs competition lovers.

Sexual Health

At the racetrack there are centers of hippotherapy - treatment of horse riding. But the main thing is that by visiting the racetrack each person experiences a favorable impact protection, communication with the horse calms the nervous system, the situation is calm in the stands, without any kind of unbridled fans, rattles and chants.

Modern large racetracks equipped with covered winter heated bleachers, where the judging room, information center, commentator, restaurants, cafes, cash betting halls and lounges, as well as summer stands.

Game betting

Tote - it's his win lottery for fans of equestrian sports. You certainly pleased to win, but if you lose, you should know that your money will be spent on the development of horse breeding and inevitably on the welfare of pets. Thanks equestrian tote breeding successfully developed in all civilized countries.