History and legend

The word "racetrack" of Greek origin from the hippos - horse and dromos - running. The first racetrack in Russia appeared in 1826 in Lebedyan Tambov region, and in 1834 - in Moscow.

Kazan hippodrome history begins in 1868, when they began to be regular racing trotters. In winter, the horses ran on the track laid on the ice of Lake Kaban, in the central part of the city, and in the summer - on a dirt track on the territory adjacent to the lake. Although most eminent historians can hardly count the number of makeshift cross and race tracks, where horsemen competed in the days Sabantui.

Aboriginal horse stadia in Tatarstan grew in the tradition of equestrian sports. Generations of experience in the XVIII century allowed to open here one of the first state studs.

During the lifting of Tatarstan horse breeding in the late XIX up to 1917 famous stud farms of our fellow AA Ishmuratova and KV Molostvov.

During the Civil War through the efforts of Tatarstan horsemen managed to preserve valuable breeding stock, and its base was organized first state stud of the country. He later received the name Tatar, and there were grown-Union rekordisty Doc, flirty, IY way, as well as outstanding manufacturers and Ancestors uterine families IL, trivia, mischievous child, Kinetics, and others.

In the 50-ies. XX century, when the industry was close to bankruptcy, breeders Tatarstan not lost ground and responded brilliant performance in the competitions hippodrome.

At the initiative of Tatarstan for the first time in the country have been conducted zonal competitions equestrians. More than 10 times the team became the winner of the republic and has never been below the winners.

Among the riders of Tatarstan, who scored in the All-Union competitions equestrians brilliant victories: master rider ZI Habibullin (one of the best riders of the country), master trainer HB Gainullin (triumphantly performed on triples and became the champion of the USSR), the master -naezdnik AI Bulygin (twice won the championship of Russia).

New time

90-ies of XX century. Reconstructed old racecourse. FSUE Tatspirtprom entrusted with the construction of stables and new bleachers.

In 1995, the opening of a new racetrack in fact. Accepted government program of development of horse breeding and equestrian sport in Tajikistan. The pace of development has exceeded all expectations. Open horse-riding school and horse riding clubs in the cities of Kazan, Nurlat, N. Chelny, Yelabuga, Zainsk, pos. Aktobe Aznakayevsky District ...

The first success came in 2004. S. Prokhorov Orlov trotter hypnosis village of USC. Aktobe brilliantly won the first Olympics of the Russian students. And this after almost half a century of absence in Tatarstan classical equestrian sports.

The steadily growing mass of equestrian sport. At the newly opened racetracks Nurlat, Almetyevsk, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnekamsk, Chistopol, Bavlov held running and racing, as well as the annual championships rural horsemen.

Trotters Tatarstan participate and win prizes in major Russian. The mast of the phenomenal NGDU "Elkhovneft" in the hands of his permanent rider Bolshakov becomes Derbistom Russia in the anniversary 100 Derby, sets records in Russia and throughout the 4-yoh years recognized the best trotter of the country. Master - rider Bolshakov professionally advocates on other horses, gaining victories in France, Germany, and in 2005 won the prize in the CMR Elite pager.

On the race track great advocate Ledok, Landrieu, Legrand, Lambourne, and this year Russia becomes Tsimlyansk Derbistom perfectly conducting master - jockey A. Lyakhov. For the first time in the Republic of newly created Nurlatsky stud farm started breeding horses Thoroughbred breed. The plant is equipped with valuable stallion and uterus. The first victory of livestock Nurlatsky stud noted at racetracks Kazan, Pyatigorsk, Samara.

Stronger international ties, the days of Tatarstan were held at the Paris-Vincennes racecourse in France and Finland. This year kicks off the 5th draw of the prize "Golden Horseshoe of Tatarstan", the first of the modern Russian prizes, has cost the European level, and in all respects, including the prestige that meets international standards.

Noteworthy is the history of the prize. Winner of "Golden Horseshoe" in 2003 became the All-Russian Derbistom Prestige. Brilliantly acts winner of the "Golden Horseshoe" Pharaoh, he is one of the high-spirited Russian trotters.

Since the revival of the All-Russian competition riders, the team of our country has always been a favorite and this is confirmed by their victories and prize-winning places, with winning trotters and horses were compelling and often - a record.

Develop mass private horse breeding and horse breeding. On the Main Sabantui in Kazan starts annually more than 200 horses, and in Almetyevsk, Nurlat, Naberezhnye Chelny and Nizhnekamsk close to the number of participants in this figure. On a good level supplied horse breeding Arabian horses in stud GY Belsky. Horses born in the factory, win at the Central Moscow Hippodrome.

As the pace of development of horse breeding and equestrian sports Tatarstan holds a leading position in Russia. It is logical that there begins to build a world-class racetrack, taking into account the achievements of the world of horse breeding, equestrian sport and hippodrome case, the only of its kind in Russia. The new racetrack has also become a gift to all the horsemen of Tatarstan, a well-deserved and long-awaited gift.