Ипподром Казань
Ипподром Казань

Veterinary clinic of Kazan hippodrome

Veterinarians is a complex of buildings equipped with advanced equipment and designed to perform a wide range of activities Veterinary orientation.
 The complex includes the following:

- Dezbarer acting as protection from falling into the territory of equestrian complex of infectious and parasitic diseases. It is designed for the requirements of veterinary legislation, with year-round operation, has the function of heating the disinfecting solution and its own system of purification and disinfection of water.
- Quarantine accommodating the 20 heads of horses, which is a rapid investigation of the health of livestock fed again. It is equipped with a system of disinfection of air and space. Featured in horses quarantined equipped walkers and solarium.
- Isolator and a hospital designed for the simultaneous presence of 20 heads of horses. As well as quarantine areas are equipped with disinfection and air. In addition, there are internal dezkovriki and sanitary inspection. For horses with infringement of motor function of a system for lifting the suspension and delivery of the monorail.

 - Diagnostic cabinet equipped with a set radiography to acquire images of real-time computer processing of the images, with the release and increase of individual sections, as well as to print both on film and paper. The database provides an opportunity to start a card patients and analyze the dynamics of the disease. Complex ultrasound diagnostics allows the study of the limbs and internal organs get a color three-dimensional image with the ability to layer by layer scanning and computer processing of the results. ECG machine is also equipped with a computer and software, which allows a detailed study of the cardiovascular system. The complex analyzers of blood and urine allows you to monitor the status of the organism, the level of fitness, the dynamics of action of drugs, as well as to establish the early asymptomatic stages of metabolic disorders and the general surge of the body.
- Surgical room is equipped with arthro-scopic-laporo complex allows for diagnostic and surgical procedures through small puncture of the skin under the control of the camcorder using a bloodless surgical instruments. You can operate on the joints, ligaments, tendons and internal organs. In addition, the office is equipped with special equipment for eye surgery and hearing aids. Modern anesthesia-respiratory equipment can be used in general anesthesia and monitor with the functioning of vital organs. Special surgical table allows to give the horse during surgery required position firmly fixed.

- Treatment room equipped with a laser therapy device, which allows to effectively deal with diseases of muscles, ligaments and tendons. Apparatus shock wave therapy effectively eliminates the effects of various injuries razrostov with removal of bone and connective tissue. The simulator forced movement can accelerate the process of rehabilitation after injury.
- Ancillary facilities are equipped with everything necessary to maintain sterile conditions throughout the complex, efficient handling of tools and materials for the preparation and storage of medicines. The device allows the uninterruptible power supply to continue operation in case of power outages at full load for one hour.